Course description:
Where are we on God’s watch? So many things happening around us — Is this the END that has been prophesied for so long?
So many opinions… Conspiracy theories from all sides… But what does the word of God say? How do I use the bible as the plumbline for measuring these uncertainties, opinions, and theories? Manipulation into a one world order according to scripture?

The truth about 5G, is it really brainwashing? A real threat? Social distancing….more than just safety? Every week another candidate “anti-christ” is identified yet… the word of God is crystal clear on how to identify him… The characteristics of the ‘mark of the beast’… The vaccine? Do they match?

What about the rapture?
Why are countries leaving the UN and EU? What does scripture say?
Bride of Christ! We have no option but to equip ourselves with HIS truth. Remember… “If possible….even the elect will be deceived…” (Mat 24:24) Join us on this journey where you will be equipped with knowlegde from the Word of God. You will also receive access to our life-long knowledge hub for regular updates.

Cost of course: R1,250 pp (once-off)

(Or contact the office for extended payment terms)
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Price includes: Life-Long access to our “end times knowledge hub” for regular updated teachings.

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