Yeshua in the tabernacle – in every furniture piece you see the fingerprint of Yeshua.

YHVH’s plan of salvation – the roadmap in the tabernacle that is actually the Roadmap to salvation and intimcacy.

Patterns in the word of YHVH  repeating themselves over and over again as God is speaking to His people.

Restoring the true meaning of biblical symbols

Why would YHVH use these symbols? What is the true meaning and purpose?

• The Tallit

• The Mezuza

• The David Star

• Teffilin

• The Shofar

• Tzitzit

• The Cross

• The Menorah

What is my requirement as believer towards these symbols used by YHVH?

The introduction to 3rd year – SPIRIT REALM.

We were living in 2 realms simultaneously. Which one do we adhere to really?

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